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DialoguE …


… and your dream comes true!

You dream of becoming bilingual, of learning a language in a few days, of mastering it very quickly. You dream of settling down abroad, of understanding films in a foreign language, of passing that difficult exam …

Whatever your dream, it will come true thanks to DialoguE, and in a very short time.

Achieving the impossible
For almost 20 years, DialoguE has made it its mission to help you to achieve your dream goals.
These professional, personal or cultural goals, that might seem so distant, are suddenly at your fingertips. You pass the exam that you had failed, you make a career leap, you finally enjoy being a ‘real’ tourist.
As impossible as it may sound, the universe becomes your garden.
The Magic of DialoguE
DialoguE students use the word ‘magic’. What are our magic wands? Those that will change your life: In the space of a few days, they give you self-confidence, enlighten your comprehension, transform your pronunciation and enrich your way of thinking. Another one, less known, awakens the immense treasure of words that sleeps in you, unbeknown to you.

Let us not forget the most magical wand: the one that makes you start moving forward again and lose that seemingly invincible sensation of stagnating that had been frustrating you for a long time.
The language that you want to learn stops being a torturous path, an ordeal, and even for some, a nightmare.
DialoguE opens Ali Baba’s cave for you.

DialoguE’s Fairy Tale
Our students also say that a DialoguE stay is like a fairy tale. Is it a wondrous supernatural adventure? Like many students, you might arrive at DialoguE disillusioned. You may have fixed the idea that learning a language requires superhuman effort and that you are probably incapable of achieving your goals.

From the very first moments of your DialoguE stay, you know that you are experiencing something extraordinary. You enjoy speaking the language and communicating with your hosts, your trainers and other course participants. It is like every moment changes into a gold nugget, a diamond. You never feel as if you are back at school. Stress, complexes, fear of speaking, fear of not being understood, obsessive fear of vocabulary, cultural barriers, the ogre of grammatical rules, all these traps and pitfalls disappear as if by magic: you learn with pleasure. And you progress at a rate that you could have hardly imagined.

cours langues immersion totale
No need to pinch yourself:
You are not dreaming.
You dream has come true.

Claudine & Jean-Luc Godard

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