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"DialoguE, one of the best language programs"
[The Wall Street Journal]
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I made much more progress here in just over 3 weeks than I made in 5 years of French lessons in school - & I left with an appetite to come back for more !! From one who was a reluctant language student, there can be no greater praise.

Ian D McKie
BHP Billiton Petroleum (International Exploration)

You have developed a program that really works, for all levels of ability.

Margaret Nomentana
001207 925 65 75

I chose Dialogue because it was the only one that provided private lessons at a reasonable price.

Susan Rooke

When asked about my experience at Dialogue-Brussels, the first thing I shall cite is the spectacular progress enabled by the Dialogue method.

Susan Avril

(Other testimonials at www.dialogue.com)

Now DialoguE in Italy

The only guarantee of being able to communicate effectively is to learn the language where it is spoken. At school, you are mainly taught grammar, without much attention paid to the fact that you do not learn to communicate in your mother tongue by learning grammatical rules. In fact, a child begins to study the grammar of his own language only after he has learned to speak it. Studying rules only helps to improve spelling, writing skills and speaking in less familiar subjects. Furthermore, grammatical rules that have not been assimilated can be a real obstacle. How can you express yourself naturally if you need to be constantly concentrating on the rules?

It is often forgotten that there is a more essential type of grammar, the communicative one. Speaking a foreign language perfectly, if it were possible, is not enough. It would be better to speak it imperfectly, but use the same communication channel as the natives. As a foreign speaker of a language, your language mistakes are forgiven as long as your message is not distorted by interferences from your mother tongue.

By living with a DialoguE family, you will learn to speak like a native and be understood like a native.
After Barcelona, thanks to DialguE Idiomas, you will discover or rediscover Spanish and its ‘El Dorado’.
After a stay in Rye with DialoguE-AngloScene, you will feel ‘at home’ with English.
After DialoguE-Talen, at Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Dutch will assume the peacefulness of a ‘haven’ for you.
At the end of a DialoguE course in Spa, you will not be able to resist the French ‘restaurants’.
You will “gallop” towards your German, at Meersburg.
And, as from this December, it will be the Italian “villa” that will welcome you if you choose to study at our new center in Todi.
Dialogue enables you to, very quickly, enjoy the pleasure of speaking all these languages appropriately.

Claudine & Jean-Luc Godard
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Nouvelles de DialoguE Spa (Français)
Noticias de Dialogue Idiomas Barcelona (Español)
Dialogue Angloscene Rye (English)
Malgré la crise, et grâce à votre fidélité, les cours de français ont conservé le succès qu’ils méritent. Si, après les événements du 11 septembre, le nombre d’apprenants américains est passé de 50 à 20%, les nations européennes ont permis de combler ce manque à gagner.

En 2004, vous profiterez de locaux plus spacieux: la salle à manger Oasis aux grandes baies vitrées, donnant sur le jardin, et le salon bleu où vous pourrez regarder, plus confortablement et sur grand écran, le journal télévisé.

Yseut, notre fille, pilote les avions de la SN Brussels Airlines. Son ami, Erwin, a été promu au grade de commandant de bord. Sébastien travaille à Bruxelles, comme informaticien. Sabine et lui viennent d’acheter une maison à Jupille (Liège).

Claudine & Jean-Luc
Se ha cumplido el primer año en nuestro nuevo edificio en una zona residencial en las colinas boscosas a 20 km de Barcelona.

El nuevo local, totalmente adaptado al método DialoguE, ha recibido los elogios de todos.

Seguimos contando con el mismo equipo profesional con el que contábamos en el edificio anterior, tanto docente como auxiliar.

En particular, se sigue manteniendo el excelente nivel culinario, adaptándose, claro está, a las necesidades y gustos de cada cliente.

Durante el verano los estudiantes se han refrescado después de las clases, disfrutando de la piscina. El aire acondicionado en las clases y las habitaciones también les permitió aguantar las elevadas temperaturas.

C & J

Thanks to your participation in our courses, we have had an excellent year in the UK and we would like to thank you sincerely for that. We have had the pleasure of welcoming not only European friends, but also friends from far away countries such as Congo, China, Japan, Columbia and Venezuela. This has made for amazingly interesting discussions and exchanges that have enriched our lives and broadened our views.

On the private front, we are all fine and looking forward to spending Christmas in Rye but with our Belgian friends in complete immersion in French! This is of course essential for Thomas and Anita to maintain their French, but also for us to better appreciate the great effort you all made in speaking English and only English all the time you were here.

The motivation and determination you bring with you to our courses are a constant source of inspiration for us.

We hope that you will all keep in touch with us in 2004 and let us know how you are getting on. We will certainly keep you up-to-date with our news.

Minoo & Mike


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